#019 Haruki Murakami

Maybe one of the most famous living authors in Japan – or maybe even the world.

Mr. Haruki Murakami

He’s a little bit like marmite; you’ll either love his books or hate them.


A recent 3 part novel – 1Q84 (Ichi-kyuu-hachi-yon)

His novels are often surreal, other-worldly even, but also find meaning in the most ordinary of actions. His style is quite focused on the inner lives of the characters and their thoughts as well as the plot. And themes of music (especially jazz records), sexual relations and suicide are prominent.

His novels range from lengthy storys like ‘1Q84‘ and ‘The Wind Up Bird Chronicle’  to short stories like ‘After Dark’. As well as an almost auto-biographical ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’ and the documentary-style of ‘Underground’ detailing accounts and interviews of those affected by the sarin gas attacks on Tokyo’s subway system in the 90’s.

One of his most famous novels ‘Norweigan Wood’, written in 1987, was made into a movie in 2010 starring Kenichi Matsuyama:

Even if you don’t like his novels… they definitely give you an insight into Japan and the Japanese psyche.


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