#029 Takoyaki Crane Game

Japanese arcades are epic. Seriously.
The overwhelming lights, sounds and colours are like a child’s fantasy.

One game in particular holds a fond place in my heart –

The takoyaki crane game


Takoyaki (pieces of octopus covered in batter) are cooked in a tray full of half-sphere shapes. So.. combine that cooking tray with ping pong balls and a crane… yeah…

I bet whoever had the job of painting those had fun...

You have to respect the effort that went into that artistic rendition of takoyaki in ball form

I bet you’re thinking: “That’s great and all. But how is that a game?”

you direct the crane into a box or bowl of pingpong balls, and then drop the balls above the tray.
If your ball lands in the special golden/silver painted space then you win!


Combine that with lots of 100 yen coins… and the chances of winning are still pretty low.

But you have to admit it looks fun!


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