#031 Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli is an animation company that have been producing superb animated movies since 1985.

The most famous, Spirited Away, won an academy award and when released was the highest grossing movie in Japanese history.


A museum dedicated to the wide range of productions from Studio Ghibli is in Mitaka, Tokyo.


It even has a dedicated themed bus from the nearest train station

The whole experience is like walking into another world and the novelty doesn’t wear off.

The attention to detail is amazing – like when you enter you’re given a ticket with a cutting of film from a movie.


And there are exhibitions from various movies, as well as a short feature film you can enjoy. There is also a special room in which the exhibition changes each year. (Unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside)


The vision, creativity and happiness of Studio Ghibli comes through in every area of the museum and it is definitely a place that leaves you feeling in awe of their masterful skills.


The most interesting room (for adults maybe) is the recreation of an animation studio full of sketches, story-boards and even realistic messy desks covered in art materials. Maybe the most interesting room for children is the one with a full-size fuzzy cat bus from Totoro.

There is also a cafe and gift shop so you can relax and bring home a momento of your day.

And it definitely will be a day to remember.


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