#041 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Built upon an open field caused by the atomic bomb is this memorial park.

Memorial Cenotaph

Memorial Cenotaph

It is a beautiful and tranquil garden located in the middle of the bustling Hiroshima city.


The children’s peace monument is inspiring:

Children's peace monument

Children’s peace monument

It features thousands upon thousands of folded cranes sent in from all over Japan and the world.


The park is shadowed by the preserved A-bomb dome; which is a harsh reminder of the devastation caused by the atomic bomb.

A-Bomb Dome

A-Bomb Dome

You’ll often see students here learning about the history behind the bombings and the dangers of atomic weapons:


It is an awe-inspiring place where you feel simultaneously burdened for those who suffered here but also hope for the future being peaceful.


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