#047 School Lunches

Thinking of cafeterias… chips, pizza or packed lunch sandwiches? No way!


School lunch, called ‘kyuushoku’, is a little more like… milk, noodles, fish, seaweed and veggies.


Or maybe some fried cutlets, rice balls and fruit. Or maybe a bit of whale


From elementary school until senior high school most Japanese kids eat the same set lunch (and the teachers, too).


They’ll don their white hats, masks and coats in order to serve the food to their classmates.


There’s always some healthy milk, rice/bread/noodles, a type of soup and a main dish (and sometime you’ll get a tasty desert).

Most Japanese adults talk fondly of their school lunch days.

Even though sometimes it can be a bit gross – fish full of eggs with their heads still on, tiny whole fish in your rice or even fried whale – it’s still good for you and high in nutritious calories (an average lunch has 800-900 cals).


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