#063 Japan Postal Service

The Japanese postal service is maybe the single most awesome thing about Japan.

The delivery hours are from the morning up until 9pm every day of the week. They are always reliable, on time and affordable.

If you happen to miss a delivery you’ll be given one of these:

You can arrange by phone or internet for your package to be delivered at a specific date and time convenient for you – and they always come on time. You can also arrange for it to be delivered to a neighbour, your workplace or a nearby convenience store for you to pick up.

Other postal services include sending your suitcases ahead to the airport when you’re travelling or sending them on to your destination in another part of Japan. So you don’t have to deal with that ‘tripping-everyone-over-with-your-suitcase’ while travelling or ‘getting-stuck-in-train-doors’ with it either. Awesome.

It is really easy and convenient!


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