#065 Alcatraz E.R. Restaurant

The title of today’s post is a mouthful… it is a themed restaurant in Tokyo.

The theme?

Prison hospital.

2013-05-28 21.03.54

The first thing you see when getting out of the elevator

The moment you go out of the elevator you’re transported into a creepy other-world in Shibuya.

A deep, ominous voice tells those under 20 not to enter and laughs. You have to press a button to open the door to enter Alcatraz:
2013-05-28 21.03.33It is unclear whether this is a prison hospital… a hospital’s prison or just an institution. But once you enter there’s no going back!

The place is decorated impeccably; beneath the floor are ‘dead bodies’ you have to walk over and each dining cell is complete with metal bars.

The waitresses dressed as nurses will take you to your seat and ask you to bang on the metal bars of your cell to be served.

2013-05-28 21.46.19

The food and drinks served range from hilarious:

Boob rice

Boob rice

To intimidating:

Crazy chicken in a cage

Crazy chicken in a cage

Everyone remains in character… and sometimes the lights go off, the alarm sounds and something happens. I won’t tell you what because that would ruin the surprise!


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