#077 AKB48

Japan is famous for its idol groups. AKB48 is one of many… but maybe the biggest in Japan.


The AKB stands for ‘Akihabara‘ where their theatre is.
Yes. They have a theatre and do shows almost every day. That was the idea behind them – create a group that is accesible for their fans to see anytime.

And they do have a lot of ‘fan-service’. See their video for ‘Heavy Rotation’:

And the 48 stands for… well, who knows? They currently have around 90 members.

The members are national stars – appearing in television dramas, movies and so on.

If you hear of any other groups with a similar name, like JKT48, NMB48 or SKE48, these are sister groups of AKB48 for their areas.

They are a cultural phenomenon and if you want more information check out their giant wikipedia entry.


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