#091 Go!Go! Curry

Another curry chain restaurant… similarly named to Coco Curry.

“So, what’s so special about this one? You wrote about curry chains already.” I hear you say.

Their mascot is a gorilla


The curry is served on a bed of rice with cabbage on the side in a metal tray. Makes you feel a bit like you’re in gorilla prison.


This is all fairly standard for chain fast food… but they do have a few perks.


As this adorable-manga-lady and gorilla say – free cabbage refills. Also, free refills of pickles.

Taking advantage of the pickles

Taking advantage of the pickles

The set-up is similar to other chains – hit the buttons on the way in and pay.


Touch screen – classy

Give the tickets to your waiter/waitress and your food will magically appear in record speed.



One thought on “#091 Go!Go! Curry

  1. I bought my brother a go go curry shirt from uniqlo – has no idea it was a chain, the gorilla just changed my life when I saw it!

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