#109 Katana


‘Katana’ is the Japanese word for sword.

It just sounds so much cooler, right?

And with the popularity of Kill Bill I’m pretty sure everyone knows the word ‘katana’.


Basara inspired sword exhibition

There are loads of museums that display swords… especially with the popularity of games like Basara.

And the classic… Evangelion:




2 thoughts on “#109 Katana

    • Hey! Thanks for your comment!
      The Evangelion sword exhibition was a collaboration with Osafune’s sword museum (where I used to live in Japan).
      It is currently travelling Japan. It was in Fukuoka in Kyushu. But I think it finished there in June.
      Now it’s in Osaka ’til September 16th. Not sure where it’s going after that. You might have to google it again when you’re planning to travel!

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