#148 2Channel

Almost everyone with the internet has heard of 4chan – ridiculous anonymous posts, flame-wars, trolling and crazy memes.

I introduce you to 4chan’s mother… 2chan.


It is an open forum with millions of users – discussions range from literally anything. To serious advice and totally random rubbish.

Here’s a news article about 2chan giving you an insight into it’s more serious side.

It is a really important part of Japan-internet life and possibly the most active forum online. It only attracted the stay-at-home computer nerd types at first… but now it is known by almost all young Japanese internet users.

It is often featured in the news – the most famous story being one of an otaku guy who spoke up when a lady was being harassed on the train and they ended up together in the end. Aww.


The story was so popular it’s sprung manga, TV and movie adaptations!

Found at 2ch.net and for a detailed history check the wiki!


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