#157 Expo ’70 Time Capsule

When you think about leaving a time capsule… how many years in advance do you plan?

50 is legit. 100 seems pretty amazing…. 1000 seems like a big goal. But no… the Expo ’70 is planned to be opened in 6970.


The capsule can be found in front of Osaka castle.

Expo ’70 was a ‘World’s Fair’ held between March and September 1970


It featured custom designed and built pavilions, festival areas and even a moon rock brought down in 1969.

The time capsule is full of A LOT of stuff. From everyday items like shoes, clothes and cigarettes to current technology like rice cookers and stethoscopes.

For details about the time capsule and it’s contents you can check it’s official site here.

World’s fair (also called World’s expositions) have been held since 1844 worldwide. It isn’t just an exhibition, it’s a giant event that can run for months in a country, often involving specially built buildings and exhibitions.

The next World’s fair is in 2015 in Milan.


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