#289 School Uniforms

School uniforms in Japan are really important.

It starts from nursery school with the little coats and hats.


Then at elementary school the boys wear shorts all year round and girls wear skirts.

Then junior high is where it starts looking awesome.

Boys with their black jackets and trousers, called gakuran.

Girls wear in a variety of cute matching skirts and bows – the color and design depends on the school.

The uniform and how cute it is can sometimes be a deciding factor with children and parents considering schools.

High school is often more western – with suit like uniforms for boys and the sailor outfits for girls.highschool

All ages usually have a name badge pinned to their uniform which has their class, number and last name.

Also, kids change shoes when they enter the school.
The change into the indoor shoes, called uwabaki.


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