#323 Love Hotels

These are rent-by-the-hour rooms sprawled over every city and highway in Japan.


They enable couples to have time and privacy without going back to their own houses.

It can be good or bad… good for young couples but also easily enables extra-martial affairs and prostitution.


They often advertise hourly rates or overnight stays.

They have no reservation system so it is useful if you need somewhere to stay in an emergency.

You also have minimal/no contact with staff – everything is done by tubes that send the money or hands behind counters.


Love hotels are famous for their facilities though – often cheaper, cleaner and more decked out that real hotels.

Some feature hot tubs, small pools, TV or karaoke systems and more.

They also have super late checkout times (from 12 to 2pm) and they have a full set of amenities.

They began in Osaka in the late 60’s and have consistently gained profits despite a tough economy.


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