#365 Cherry Blossoms in full bloom

I know I’ve written about hanami, the cherry blossom petals and cherry blossoms themselves.

But, for the few days every year when they are in full bloom it is magical.


The whole atmosphere of Japan changes.

Of course people still go about their daily lives and work but they take a few moments out to appreciate the blossoms.

The hanami parties are welcoming and friendly and bring friends and co-workers together.

People start new jobs and new school years while the blossoms bloom.

It’s a perfect time of year and you can see these blossoms all over Japan – not just in Kyoto or along Meguro river in Tokyo.

They really sum up what is amazing about Japan – appreciating nature, human relationships and the world around us.
(but still working hard and playing hard)


And also, there’s a lot of cherry blossom flavoured drinks, sweets, sakura mochi and desserts.


Right now, the blossoms in Tokyo are amazing.

Thank you for sticking with me for the last year and I hope you all found something fun and interesting within these posts!


3 thoughts on “#365 Cherry Blossoms in full bloom

  1. Please don’t end here! I’ve been following this blog religiously, and Thanks to you I have found hundreds of aspects of Japanese culture that I absolutely love! Whether it be foods like Hiroshima style okonomiyaki or bands like Asian Kung fu generation, or even intricate aspects of social culture, I just have to thank you for sharing a years worth of Japan’s beauty! I hope you don’t end your blogging life here, but if you must, just allow me to thank you for fueling my interest in Japan’s exhilarating culture! ありがとうございます!

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