#367 Youkai Watch

This is the biggest new anime at the moment – especially among young kids.


The story follows a young boy, Keita Amano, who finds a youkai from capsule in a capsule machine.

The youki is called Whisper.

He gives Keita the “youkai watch” which allows him to see other youkai.


Youkai/妖怪 are a type of folk-tale spirits in Japan.

There are many types with many powers, some kind and some mischievous. 

The character you/妖 means bewitching and kai/怪 means apparition.
… which is pretty vague.


Keita and Whisper, go around making friends with youkai and then using his new found friends to defeat bad youkai.

It’s quite similar to Pokemon.

The games are RPG style and you collect “youkai medals” so that you can call upon that youkai in future battles.

They can level up, evolve and you can use up to six youkai in the battles.

Interestingly, it started as a video game that spawned manga and anime adaptations.

A movie for Youkai Watch will be released in December 2014!
(and people are already getting advance reservations… it’s that popular)


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