#382 Maternity Heart

This is an important symbol you’ll see on trains in Japan.


Sometimes while travelling around you can tell easily if someone is pregnant from their glowing skin or turning green and covering their mouth on the morning commute (or maybe their giant baby bump).

But those who aren’t as far on in their pregnancy just look like regular ladies.


That’s where the maternity heart comes in – pregnant lady’s can attach this to their bags to let others know easily that they’re pregnant.


This is important, especially in Tokyo, where pushing on and off trains and running for priority seats are a sad but inescapable part of daily life.

There are even special parking spaces for those expectant-mothers.


Overall, the maternity heart helps to avoid the embarassment of explaining constantly that you’re pregnant and you need to sit down.

Showing consideration for others is simply awesome.


3 thoughts on “#382 Maternity Heart

    • Thanks for the comments Marvin!
      It’s true, it’s adorable.
      I forgot to mention the writing says:
      Onaka ni aka-chan ga imasu.
      Which literally means “in my tummy is a baby”.
      So cute!

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