#383 Autumn

The Japanese word for Autumn is 秋 / あき / aki.

The character 秋 is made up of two parts (known as radicals).

On the left side we have the radical for tree and on the right side is the radical for fire.



(Isn’t Japanese a cool language?)

I already mentioned watching the leaves turn red is a big thing in Japan – called koyo.

There are also other traditional autumny things.

“Shokuyoku no aki” means that your appetite will increase (in my house I call that fattening up for the winter).


So there is a lot of special autumn food – like sweet potatoes or even tempura maple leaves.

There is also 月見 / つきみ / tsukimi which is moon viewing.

The moon is said to be it’s biggest and brightest at the start of Autumn, so people often go out and have small gatherings.

Pretty similar to the ones for cherry blossoms (called 花見 / はなみ / hanami – flower viewing).

There’s also “Dokusho no aki” which means self-study or reading in autumn.


Less sunshine hours means more time inside. Doesn’t autumn make you feel all reflective?

Finally the worst (I mean best) part of autumn, which is sports day.


There’s even a national holiday called 体育の日/taiiku no hi (literally “sports day”) on the second Monday of October where most schools have their sports day.


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