#385 Kintsugi

金継ぎ/Kintsugi means “gold joinery”.

It is an art of fixing broken pottery.

The traditional way, used in Europe and Asia, was to use a kind of staples.


Of course, it looked pretty bad.

They decided to mix valuable materials like gold and platinum with the resin to connect the broken pieces.


You’re left with a beautiful piece of pottery.

It has a deeper meaning, as you can see the history and delicacy of the pottery.

Typically, we try to repair broken things to conceal the damage.

But the alternative is to make it “better than new” rather than just “as good as new”.

It is a classic example of Japan taking other ideas and developing them to make something even more awesome.


(Also, it’ll be in high demand after Link comes to visit.)


It’s also sometimes known as 金繕い/kinsukuroi which means “gold repair”.


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