#399 Lunch Pack

Convenience stores sell these pre-made sandwiches.

There are two crustless sandwiches in a pack stuffed with various fillings.


Made by Yamazaki Baking Co and super cheap – around 100 yen each.

They also have seasonal and promotional varieties – like Fruits and Cream Frozen sandwiches:


You can get sweet ones full of cream, chocolate or peanut butter.

Also some meaty ones with yakiniku, katsu or croquette.

yamazaki lunch pack

They have a long-shelf life, don’t need refrigeration and are perfect for a quick bite.

Check out their official site here.


2 thoughts on “#399 Lunch Pack

  1. Lunch packs make me miss Japan so much…They have so many different flavors and I never get tired of them!
    Love reading your blog! (^^)/

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