#415 Owakudani

Owakudani is a volcanic area in Hakone, near Tokyo.


It is part of a crater formed by the last eruption of Mt. Hakone over 3000 years ago.


It offers nice views of Mt. Fuji on clear days.


The mountain is covered in natural hot-springs and the strong stench of sulfur.


You can buy eggs cooked in the hot-spring water.


The sulfur in the water turns the eggs black.


If you eat one it’s said to prolong your life for 7 years.


5 thoughts on “#415 Owakudani

    • *that post was a mistake >_<

      I wanted to say: This reminds me of when I went to China and they were cooking eggs in the hot springs but we didn't get to go on as we were just passing by. I've always wanted to go to a hot spring though in Japan!

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