#426 Boss Coffee

Boss coffee advertises itself as being “The Boss of them all since 1992″.


Big claims from such a tiny canned coffee -measuring up at around 200ml.

boss rainbow

But being endorsed by Tommy Lee Jones sorta does make them the most awesome canned coffee.

He has appeared in almost 40 TV commercials as “Alien Jones” who learns about human life and canned coffee.

He never looks very happy in any of the adverts.


I’m serious.


So is he… seriously.


I guess bosses are just supposed to be grumpy.

You can find a variety of Boss canned coffee – there’s actually been over 60 different types.


Next time you see a vending machine or convenience store in Japan, pick up a can and see what you think!


One thought on “#426 Boss Coffee

  1. Hi! I used one of the pictures you took of a Boss advert in a piece of glitch/vaporwave art I made. I have no intents of making any money off of it, but I did want to credit the original photographer! I normally only use photos that I have taken, but I saw the advert and had an idea. Feel free to get in touch!

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