#435 Kumamushi

Kumamushi is a comedy duo.


Made up of Hiroki Sato and Shunsuke Hasegawa.

They wrote a song and did a skit that created this nationwide love of saying “attakaindakara” in a high voice while moving your fists next to your face.

They even made it into a single with a music video in February 2015.

“attakaindakara” literally means “because it’s warm”… but it can mean warm in temperature or in feeling.

It has become super popular.


When I said super popular… I meant that Sekai no Owari have recorded a cover of it and the korean group Big Bang have sung it live.

Fun Fact: Kumamushi is the name for a microscopic animal called “waterbear” in English.


They look quite terrifying but sort of chubby and cute.


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