#437 Sanja Matsuri

The Sanja matsuri is a shinto festival in Tokyo.

It’s always held on the 3rd weekend of May.

三社祭/sanja-matsuri means “three shrine festival”.


It is one of the busiest festivals in Japan – it attracts between 1 and 2 million visitors every year.

It is based in the Asakusa area of Tokyo – you remember Senso-ji.

The festival is held in honor of the three guys who founded Senso-ji:
Hinokuma Hamanari, Hinokuma Takenari and Hajino Nakatomo.

(You starting to see a pattern of threes here, right?)

Guess how many days the festival is held for?

Yep, three days.

The highlight is on the final day of the festival.


This is when the three o-mikoshi are paraded around the streets.

Check out Japan guide for more details!


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