#446 Construction Sites

You might look at the title and think, “What’s so special about construction sites?”

They sorta suck…
Loud noise
early in the morning, portable toilets and scaffolding.

Well, I already mentioned the construction worker’s awesome pants.

But another thing is in the details of the site itself.

Often, construction sites are eye-sores.


Japan is trying to make this a little easier on the community.


They often have flower pots around the site to make it look nicer.

It looks a little tacky and a tad weird but it’s the thought that counts!


Also they are sometimes decorated with pictures of flowers.

And if you live in the local area, sometimes the companies will give you a schedule of their construction work and a small apology gift (like a hand towel) for the inconveience.

Aren’t they just lil sweeties?


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