#455 Mujirushi Ryohin

Mujirushi Ryohin is a popular store.

You might know it in your country simply as MUJI.


無印良品/mujirushi ryohin is made up of two words.

無印/mujirushi means “no label” or “no brand”.

良品/ryohin means “good product”.


It was founded in 1980 to combat the consumerist trend of buying overpriced luxury goods, and of buying low-cost, low-quality goods.

MUJI aims to supply plain, natural goods that are a good price and good quality.


They’re well known for their furniture.

They also have clothes and stationary.

Even a wide range of food products and drinks.


MUJI creates a feeling of simplicity and has a super relaxing atmosphere.

It’s expanded all over the world and, although not cheap, is always good quality and reliable.


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