#460 Tama the Cat

Tama was a famous cat from Wakayama prefecture.

She was a station master and operating officer at Kishi Station in Wakayama.


She lived to be 16 years old and sadly passed away last month.

Kishi Station was planned to be shut down and wasn’t doing well.

Around that time the volunteer station master adopted one of the stray cats that used to hang out at the station.

The human station master was replaced by his cat Tama for some reason in 2007…


She sat patiently at the ticket gate, seeing passengers off and was paid in cat food.

Of course, in Japan a cute cat in a station master outfit hanging out saved the towns station.

Passengers boomed, sales of Tama goods rocketed and other cats were appointed as assistants.

Kishi station was renovated to look like a cat’s face.


Okayama prefecture even decorated one of their trams with Tama.


After Tama’s passing – her deputy Nitama took over her role.

In total, Tama raked in 1.1 billion yen for the local economy.

Rest in peace, Tama!


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