#463 Stamp Rallys

In the Tokyo area there’s often at least one stamp rally going on.


You visit different stores or train stations and collect their unique stamp.

If you collect them all you can claim the prize.


They are especially popular during kids summer vacations.

The current campaign is Pokemon, from August 1st to August 20th 2015.


If you collect 6 stamps from various train stations you can claim the stamp book and a Pikachu visor.


If you then collect ALL the 38 stamps in the Tokyo and surrounding area and take your booklet to the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro you can claim a collectable train pass

If you collect the three stamps from the Pokemon Center stores you can get some stickers and a 5% discount on Pokemon Center toys.

There are also stamp rallys for sticker sheets, like in Family Mart with Ultra Man.


They’re a fun way to get kids out and about during the summer vacation.

Check out the Pokemon stamp rally details on the JR East site.


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