#472 Gudetama

You know sanrio, right?
They’re the company that made Hello Kitty.

They make a variety of cute characters.

One of which is…. gudetama/ぐでたま.


Since 2013 he’s been a feature of Sanrio’s character line-up.

Here he’s seen saying he’s sleepy while tucking himself into his bacon bed.

Wait… what?

Yeah, he’s an egg.
Not just any egg.
A super lazy egg.

Check out his short anime with English subtitles to get a real feeling for his personality:

Gude/ぐで is Japanese onomatopoeia for lazy.

Tama/たま is short for “tamago” which is egg.


His melancholy and lazy attitude is vastly different to the other sanrio characters and is totally endearing.


Just look at that tiny, miserable face!

Check out his twitter account for cute pictures and tweets in Japanese.


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