#476 Tokyo Bousai Handbook

Tokyo Bousai are the government organisation responsible for disaster preparation.

Bousai/防災 is made up of two characters.

The bou/防 means protection and sai/災 is disaster.

Their most recent campaign involved posting a yellow handbook with a cute Rhino on the cover to EVERYONE in Tokyo.


It isn’t your ordinary handbook.

It’s decorated with easy to understand images and even a short manga strip.


It’s separated into five chapters and gives you all the information you need in the event of an earthquake.

It is hard for the government to raise awareness of preparedness and survival tips for disasters – so sending out 7.5 million copies of this should help!

This booklet is the result of a collaboration with Dentsu (the biggest advertising agency in Japan) and the design firm Nosigner. 


It is beautifully designed and simple to understand.

This little yellow book will save lives if a big earthquake directly hits Tokyo (which is predicted within the next 30 years).

If you don’t live in Tokyo – no problem, the entirety of the book can be viewed and downloaded from their website here.

If you can’t read Japanese, it’s also available in English too.

(So, it can save your life and be a kind of a cool Japanese-learning resource).


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