#479 Matsuko Deluxe

Matusko Deluxe is a TV personality famed for over-the-top acting.

She’s often a presenter or guest on Japanese talk shows and entertainment shows.

She’s become extremely famous and seen endorsing many companies, from Calpis and Mr. Donut to NTT and Suntory.


She’s infamous for getting into controversies and being very frank, if not a little harsh with her interlocutors.

Recently, Dentsu made an android copy of Matusko Deluxe:

She pokes fun at her image and uses the prejudices against her as a way to create humour.

Her on stage-persona is a huge personality, glamorously wearing her drag outfits.

Her main work is as a columnist, but she’s branched out into TV since 2002 and is now a household icon in Japan.


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