#480 St Marc Cafe

“St Marc Cafe ChocoCro” is a chain cafe in Japan.

I can never quite tell if I should call it St Marc Cafe or ChocoCro or both.


It’s vaguely inspired by French cuisine – which means there’s a few croissants on the menu.

The menu is unabashedly Japanese though – featuring curry bread and various sausage filled breads.

チョコ/choco is short for チョコレート/chocolate.
くろ/kuro is short for クロワッサン/kurowasan (the Japanese way of saying croissant).

They serve the usual fare – teas, coffees and desserts.

Interestingly, they also serve pasta.


Check out the plastic food in front to see life-size plastic plates of what they offer.

Or you can check out their Japanese Menu here.

 St Marc Cafe ChocoCro is another affordable, Japanese-run cafe chain, like Doutor.


The St Marc Holdings group also run some slightly more expensive chain stores like Baqet (a lunch/dinner place with an all you can eat bread bar) and Bakery Restaurant St Marc (a more classy restaurant).


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