#481 Canned Vodka Cocktails

Japan has one of the highest rates of alcohol drinking, with up to 80-90% of the population drinking alcohol.

There’s been a few posts about  how Japan serve up their drinks – 1% drinks, Chu Hi, One-Cup Sake and of course the famous nomihoudai.

Drinking is a big part of society – especially those work parties (called enkai).


There’s another two things you should know about alcohol in Japan:

1. Mix any spirit with a mixer and it’s called a cocktail.
2. Vodka and gingerale (Moscow Mule) is one of the most popular cocktails.

In typical Japan style, Asahi teamed up with Wilkinson to produce canned and cheap versions of those cocktails.


Priced at around 100 yen – perfect for taking on a autumn-leaf viewing picnic!


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