#493 Robocon

Japan participates in three robotics competitions for the younger generations.


The red one is Kousen Robocon (for tech universities and colleges since 1988)…
The blue one is NHK Student Robocon (from high school and over since 1991) …
and the Orange one is ABU Robocon (International Asian competition, held in Japan in 2002).

The Kousen Robocon is currently happening – the final is 10:05 on December 23rd 2015!


The 高専ロボコン/Kousen Robocon is the longest standing robot event for students in Japan.

It challenges students from technical universities to build a robot for a particular task.

This year was throwing elastic rings around several poles against another team.


At first, they need to get rings around their three home poles. After than they can try the center poles and their opponents poles.

Check out some practice footage:

It’s an interesting mix of attack vs. defense as well as their ingenuity with making a robot for the task.

They’re cheered on by their classmates and it’s a super tense and emotional roller coaster.

If you’re into robotics it’s super interesting!


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