#496 Rakuten Super Sale

Rakuten is a world-famous online retailer and the Japanese competition for Amazon.

They offer online shopping, marketplaces and many other services (travel, tickets and so on…)

One of their defining factors is their Super Sale.


The Super Sales are spread throughout the year and usually cover restricted period (72 hours or 5 days for example).

They are announced sporadically in the week or so coming up to the sale.

During this time there are up to 50% off items, coupons and competitions.

This covers everything – from brands, computer games, toys and even kitchen appliances, bikes and scooters.

Seriously, absolutely everything.

Their next Super Sale is in time for X-mas shopping, starting on December 5th 2015.

Some of the highlights include pricey items… like half price 3DS LL, Beats Headphones, Microsoft Surface and Apple desktop and Macbook Pros and even PS4s. Wow.

The only catch is that those real deals are for only a handful of customers (maybe limited to 3 or 5).

The regular site-wide sales at less dramatic price drops are the main feature.


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