#499 Japanese Haagen Dazs Relaunch

December 8th 2015 is an important day for us Ice Cream Lovers.

Haagen Dazs re-released their most popular ice cream series in Japan.

Their two Japan inspired flavours back in stores today.

Do you remember them?

haagen dazs

Image Copyright Haagen Dazs (link below)

The set includes the Japanese sweet inspired flavours of Mitarashi dango with walnuts and kinako kuromitsu.

Both desserts contain the stretchy, sticky mochi seen above.

Mitarashi-dango is a kind of mochi on a stick always covered in a sweet and salty soy-based sauce.


Kinako  is the brown powder that is often found on sweets in Japan, covered with kuromitsu – a type of liquid black sugar.


Last time ALL OF THE STOCK IN JAPAN sold out within a day.

Hopefully this time they produced a lot more.

Check out their official site here.


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