#513 Popo Chan and Licca Chan

Licca-Chan (spelt Rika-Chan リカちゃん) is the Japanese equivalent to Barbie.

Kids often start with Popo-chan – a more toddler like doll.


Then, as they get older they’ll often be given a Licca-chan doll.


Chan is a honorific used at the end of a name to show affection or familiarity, especially for girls.

First released in 1967, Licca-chan is a classic and nostaglic doll for women in Japan.

 In 2001, to conincide with the royal baby (Princess Aiko) in the Imperial family, they released a pregnant Licca-chan.


You could send away the postcard to receive the baby doll.

Check out this video to see the dolls in action:


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