#515 Origami

Okay, I don’t know how we got to 500 awesome things about Japan without even mentioning origami.

Origami is so popular the word itself has been adopted into English.


Origami is the paperfolding art from Japan
(although not the only one – China and Europe independently developed their own paper folding techniques)

The characters reflect this – 折り紙 折・おり・ori means “to fold” and 紙・がみ・gami means “paper”.

Perhaps the paper crane is the most famous – it is seen as a symbol of peace.


During the second world war, a girl named Sadako Sasaki who suffered leukemia due to the Hiroshima atomic bombing wanted to fold 1,000 cranes to be granted a wish.


Now, Hiroshima and many other places are filled with millions of folded cranes to represent peace.

If you’ve never tried it before it’s easy to start – with an equal sided square of paper you can make almost anything.

For your first time why not try this recent bookmark project that’s pretty popular – check out rocket news here.

And this website is full of so many projects you could never finish them in a lifetime – check out the origami club.


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