#517 One Piece Kabuki

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the popular pirate anime and manga, One Piece.
Even if you didn’t see the previous post on Japan 365.

Theatre adaptations of popculture stories is nothing new – heavy-weights of anime like Prince of Tennis, Sailor Moon and Naruto have stage adaptations.

One Piece stepped up their game in 2015 by making a One Piece kabuki.


Kabuki is a traditional Japanese stage performance – involving the three ideas in the word 歌舞伎/kabuki- singing (歌), dancing (舞), and skill (伎).

You can check out the previous post on kabuki here.


Check out a clip of the One Piece kabuki:

It is still running in Hakata and Osaka and tickets range from 5,000 yen to 18,000 yen.

Check out their official Japanese website here.


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