#518 Konnyaku

Konnyaku is a staple ingredient in many Japanese foods.

It is a versatile jelly-like material made from the Konjac plant.


Konnyaku – Image from Wikipedia

It is commonly made into a tough jelly-like rectangle that can be cut and put into soups.

For example, tonjiru (pork soup) and oden. Also, it’s common in niku jaga (Japan’s version of meat and potatoes).

This same way of preparing it can be made into long noodles.


It’s really low in calories and cheap so it’s a popular food.

My favourite way is as a jelly snack!

It’s sweet and refreshing and quite chewy for a jelly.

The combination of konnyaku and gelatine made it hard to break without chewing – unlike traditional jelly.

So, it was banned the EU and some parts of the US – even in Japan it has to have a warning label:



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