#525 Standing Bars and Restaurants

Japan, and especially Tokyo, is low on space.

Standing bars and restaurants are commonplace across the country.

Especially in train stations.


Image from this blog.

Typical foods like hot noodles – ramen, soba and udon – are common.

Fast-food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy.

Even restaurants like steak houses have embarked on creating a fast-food standing experience.

For example, Ikinari Steak.

いきなり・Ikinari means “suddenly” and ステーキ・steak… is steak.

It has a menu measured by gram, and you can choose the meat you want and how you want it done.


The whole experience takes around 30 minutes – making it a fast food restaurant with a meaty menu.

They also have a unique point system – you can become a Gold, Platinum or Diamond member and get free drinks and so on.

They definitely weren’t the first to take standing-resturants and make them more classy though.


Image from this blog.

In Ginza the ex-CEO of Book Off, Takashi Sakamoto, launched 俺の・Ore-No restaurants (a masculine way of saying “My” in Japanese).

For example, Ore-no-Italian, Ore-no-French and so on.

Fine dining on a budget and a time limit!


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