#526 Sakura Mochi

Sakura/桜 is the Japanese word for cherry blossoms.

In anticipation of the spring bloom, companies cash in on sakura flavoured products – from ice creams, to milkshakes and even Starbucks has sakura themed cups and drinks!

starbucks sakura.jpg

Image copyright Starbucks Japan

But the classic sakura flavoured sweet treat is sakura mochi.

sakura mochi.jpg

Image from Wikipedia

The center is made from read bean paste (anko) covered with a rough style pink mochi (sticky rice cake) and that’s wrapped with a sakura tree leaf.
(maybe that’s where all the leaves really go in the Autumn…)

It reminds me a little of ichigo daifuku but a totally different taste.

The taste of sakura is a little like cherry… and a little sweet but it has a sharp edge.

Actually, there are two types of sakura mochi. The one above is the most famous and originates in Kansai (Osaki/Kyoto side of Japan).

The Kanto area (Tokyo side) has a different style.

sakura mochi 2 types

It’s made from rice flour – rather than the glutinous rice flour that makes mochi.

And it is wrapped almost like a crepe.

If you want to know how to make it, check this video out:

Try both styles if you can a let me know what you think in the comments!


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