#528 Gym Manners

Maybe you’ve heard about a lot of manners and etiquette in Japan – taking off shoes before going indoors, not passing food between chopsticks or not drinking until everyone does the big “cheers” – KANPAI!

Gyms are no exception!


In order to make it a comfortable experience for everyone there’s general etiquette and signage around gyms.

Most people know tattoos are frowned upon because of their yakuza mafia assocations – so keeping them covered is often required at hot springs and gyms.
(this one can be a nuisance, especially for people from countries where tattoos have no such associations!)


Also, most gyms have sprays and towels attached to each machine so you can clean them straight after using them.

There are even signs about not making too much noise when you pump iron:


It makes going to the gym a quiet and clean affair (the only sweat on you will be your own!).


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