#529 Toilet Systems

Japan is toilet obsessed – with books and stores dedicated to toilet themed goodness and the famous Toto Washlet (with it’s own showroom).

Especially with the toilet technology like the washlet, they are always thinking of how to make things more streamlined, more efficient.


You know the terrible feeling when you don’t know if someone is in the public bathroom stall or not…

If you try to open the door and its occupied you have to hang your head and do the walk of shame back to the queue.

And you hate it when someone tries to open the door so you want to save yourself and someone else that embarrassment.

Well, Tokyo station has you covered.


Tokyo station comes equipped with sensors in the doors so you can see which toilets are free and which are occupied.

It’s similar to the system in many ramen chains (like Ichiran) you can see which seats are free and empty on a signboard at the front.



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