#539 Dog Walking Manners

People are pretty well behaved with their dogs in Japan.

More often than not, you’ll actually see people spoiling their dogs a little too much.

And how could you not, considering they’re as cute as Marutaro:

One of the manners that stands out most is concerning dog pee.

You’ll see people walking their dogs with bottles of water in hand.

And no, it isn’t because walking their dogs is such a work out and they need rehydration – the water is for cleaning up after the dog.


You can pop some holes or even buy spray attachments to your regular screw-cap bottle to make it sprinkle the water.


Some places in the city have even set up pumps where dogs can pee and it’ll wash it away if you press the button.


That doesn’t mean everyone is so careful with their dogs though, you still see these kind of signs:


So, if you ever have a chance to walk a dog in Japan,don’t forget your water bottle and to “curb your dog”(!?)


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