#540 Ikimono Gakari

Ikimono Gakari・生き物係 is the name of a band.

The are the three piece pop-rock group formed in 1999.


Vocals is the adorable Kiyoe Yoshioka, backed by two guitarists, Hotaka Yamashita and Yoshiki Mizuno.

They have humble beginnings and made it to the top by playing in the street outside stations and developing their songs and style to reach further audiences.

They were often seen at Hon-Atsugi Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line.

ikimonogakari young.jpg

生き物・ikimono means “living things” and 係り・kakari or gakari is used to mean the person in charge of or connected to.

It’s a job at most elementary schools – the kids in charge of taking care of the plants or animals.
That’s actually how the two guitarists met at school so they used it as the band name – aww, how sweet.

In 2006 they released their first single and it was recently the ten year anniversary so they’ve been on TV for lots of interviews and receiving praise from their adoring fans.

You may know them if you’re a Japanese animation fan – their song “Blue Bird” was used for the Naruto Shippuden theme song.

Their songs have also been used in Japanese dramas and even in the Hollywood movie  Time Traveler: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time in 2010.

Another one of their hit singles is the catchy song – Yell. It was the song used for the junior high division of the 76th annual NHK Nationwide School Music Contest.

Check out their official site here.


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