#541 Kawachi Fuji Gardens

Now is the time of year where the soft, purple wisteria flowers are in full bloom.

There are many trellaces across gardens in Japan where you can enjoy the view.

One in particular is famous – Kawachi Fuji Gardens.

藤・ふじ・Fuji is the Japanese name for wisteria.

It’s in Kitakyushuu – 北・きた・kita means north and 九州・きゅうしゅう・kyushuu is the name of the island off of the main island of Japan.

It’s only open in spring for the wisteria season and in fall for the leaves changing colors – do you remember kouyou?

It’s famous for it’s tunnel draped with the wisteria plants which looks and feels like walking in a fairy tale.

Without taking the trip to Kitakyushuu you can see for yourself:

Visit the garden’s official site here.


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