#545 Goya Champuru

Goya Champuru is THE dish of Okinawa – Japan’s southernmost islands.

Okinawa has it’s own language, Ryukyu, and a distinct dialect of Japanese – in Okinawan champuru means “some things mixed together”.


It’s not what you’d typically imagine as Japanese food.

That’s because Okinawa has had a great influence from foreign countries – historically through Asian trade and in more recent history with US military presence.

The word champuru originally comes the word for mix “campur” in Malay or Indonesian.

The typical goya champuru contains goya (a bitter green vegetable), spam or pork and tofu.

It can also have other veggies mixed in too.

The sauce has a soy-sauce like flavour and is now popular on mainland Japan as well.

You can even buy ready-made sauces and kits:


If you’re interested in Okinawa there are a bunch of other posts on Japan 365 you can check out here.


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