#547 Men’s Beauty Products

Sometimes foreign people in Japan are surprised by the more wide range of fashion seen worn by men and women – especially in Tokyo.

Things seen as traditionally “feminine” in western cultures – like clutch bags and handbags – are often seen worn by men in Japan.

So, naturally there also male beauty products.


Even in western countries we have smellies aimed towards men – cologne, shower gel and so on.

For almost all products there’s a “male” version – from skin wipes, shampoos and soaps.


Of course, they try to make the packaging “manly” by using dark colors or cool phrases.


Either way – mascara for your hair is mascara for your hair.

They also have giant sections of men’s beauty products in big stores like Bic Camera and LOFT.


What do you think? Would you try these manly-nose skin clearing wax strips?

Don’t forget there are often free cotton buds and so on so you can try cosmetics before you buy! (maybe not for those nose-gluey-strips though).


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