#548 Free Wifi

A big gripe from tourists is often “WHERE IS THE FREE WIFI?!”

Especially with the Olympics coming in 2020 Japan has to step up it’s free internet game.

First of all, the easiest and most reliable option comes for a price.


You can rent portable Wifi’s for personal use quite reasonably from airports -for example, Japan airlines offers one with no deposit for 1,290 yen per day (check out the details here).


Shinjuku is offering a free wifi service at places displaying this mark too!

Subway stations also have free wifi supplied by NTT – check that out here.


If you download the app you can use the free wifi for a 14 day period.

Of course, hotels often have wifi for vistors and surprising places like music studios often have it.

Convience store Famima also often has wifi.

It’s not as widespread in all cafes and malls but it’s slowly getting there!


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